Police Academy
Directed by
Hugh Wilson
Be a police officer. All you do is join the farce.
What an Institution!
The new police recruits. Call them slobs. Call them jerks. Call them gross. - Just don't call them when you're in trouble.
Produced by
Paul Maslansky
Screenplay by
Neal Israel
Pat Proft
Hugh Wilson
Kim Cattrall
Steve Guttenberg
Bubba Smith
Michael Winslow
George Gaynes
G.W. Bailey
Marion Ramsey
Don Lake
Debralee Scott
Leslie Easterbrook
Dar Robinson
Georgina Spelvin
Gary Farmer
David Graf
Michael J. Reynolds
Hugh Wilson
T.J. Scott
Ted Ross
Scott Thomson
Kay Hawtrey
George R. Robertson
Doug Lennox
Bruce Mahler
Donovan Scott
Roger Dunn
Gene Mack
Dwayne McLean
Araby Lockhart
Brant von Hoffman
Marco Bianco
J. Winston Carroll
Danny Lima
Bruce McFee
Julie McLeod
David Clement
Charles W. Gray
Joyce Gordon
Barry Greene
James Bearden
Gino Marrocco
James D. Brown
Bob Collins
Andrew Rubin
George E. Zeeman
Bill Lynn
Wally Bondarenko
Beth Amos
F. Braun McAsh
Peter Cox
Brent Meyer
Ted Hanlan
Suzanne Barker
Danny Pawlick
Kimberley Boorman
Carole Alderson
Jayne Broughton
Fred Brigham
Karen Robyn
Josef Field
Don Payne
Ruth Sisberg
Rob Watson
Gary Colwell
Crime Fiction
Police Comedy
Police Academy 2: Their First Assignment

Police Academy

Police Academy is a 1984 comedy film directed by Hugh Wilson, and starring Steve Guttenberg, Kim Cattrall, and G.W. Bailey. It grossed approximately $146 million worldwide and spawned six more films in the Police Academy series. ... more on Wikipedia

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