Project Runway
Number of Episodes
Desiree Gruber
Heidi Klum
Shari Levine
Sara Rea
Sasha Alpert
Casey Kriley
Noel A. Guerra
Steve Lichtenstein
Megan Bidner
Meryl Poster
Ben Mack
Gena McCarthy
Dan Cutforth
Robert Sharenow
Gaylen Gawlowski
David Hillman
Tim Gunn
Michael Carroll
Andy Cohen
Jane Cha
Rich Bye
Gil Goldschein
Trish Norton
Jane Lipsitz
Frances Berwick
Rich Buhrman
Alexandra Lipsitz
Jennifer Berman
Bob Weinstein
Andrew Wallace
Barbara Schneeweiss
JoAnn Alfano
Michael Rucker
Colleen Sands
Lisa Fletcher
Harvey Weinstein
Jonathan Murray
Reality Competition
Reality television
Number of Seasons
Tim Gunn
Heidi Klum
Nina Garcia
Mary-Ellis Bunim
Eli Holzman
Jonathan Murray

Project Runway

Project Runway (Bravo, 2004) is an American reality television series created by Eli Holzman. Model Heidi Klum hosts contestants as they compete with each other to create the best clothes and are restricted in time, materials and theme. Their designs are judged, and one or more designers are eliminated each week. ... more on Wikipedia

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