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Shae Marks

Shae Marks

Christy Shae Marks is an American model and actress of Cherokee, Irish, and French heritage. She is the Playboy Playmate of the Month for May 1994. ... more on Wikipedia

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#64 of 119 Hottest Playboy Playmate Of The 1990s 15.0k votes
Porn- The Best Pornstars Of The 21st Century 19.1k views
The Hottest Playboy Playmates of All Time 1.6k views
The Hottest Playboy Playmates of All Time 2.2k views
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Dupy 496 views
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#11 of 50 Sexiest Playboy Girl 1.5k votes Which model or actress you think is most sexiest on playboy cover. I think all of them :)

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