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"So good you'll feel the STING...Sixteen Leather-clad men in one movie. They're all primed, pumped and ready to push the limits of leather!" From the liner notes courtesy of Falcon.

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#71 of 120 The Best Finishing Moves in Wrestling History 138.8k votes The best finishers in wrestling are the signature moves our favorite professional wrestlers from the WWE, TNA and internatio...
#7 of 30 EWN Rank The Greatest Wrestler/Entertainer Of All Time 13.9k votes
#12 of 20 Top 20 Wrestlers of All Time 19 votes Best in the ring, most popular and well accomplished  In no particular order  
#1 of 5 Most Drastic Character Changes in Wrestling History 5 votes
#9 of 26 Possible WWE Royal Rumble Surprise Entrants 1.4k votes
#4 of 5 Legends The WWE Failed To Use Well 7 votes
#2 of 53 Most Iconic Wrestler of All-Time 85 votes
#2 of 5 Most Loyal Wrestlers 5 votes

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