The Best of Tom Chase

" Falcon Legend Tom Chase's nine best scenes are finally available on one DVD. Over two full hours of Tom Chase ... including his only on-screen bottoming scene from "Calfornia Kings" with Mike Branson. This anthology includes the following scenes: JVP072 Backwoods: Tom Chase and Jeff Austin FVP104 Driven: Tom Chase and Jordan Young FVP108 Heatwave: Tom Chase and Adriano Marquez FVP110 The Freshmen: Tom Chase, Mike Branson, Tony Idol, and Chris Berrara FVP112 High Tide: Tom Chase and Matthew Anders FVP125 Hot Wired: Tom Chase and Kevin Williams FVP119 Fever: Tom Chase, Kristian Brooks, Jeff Palmer JVP072 Backwoods: Tom Chase, Troy Masters, Tony Cameron, Aaron Wells, and

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