The Living Daylights
Directed by
John Glen
It's the only way he lives.
Living on the edge.
Living on the edge. It's the only way he lives.
The most dangerous Bond. Ever.
The new James Bond... living on the edge.
Produced by
Albert R. Broccoli
Barbara Broccoli
Michael G. Wilson
Timothy Dalton
John Rhys-Davies
J.J. Barry
Joe Don Baker
Desmond Llewelyn
Jeroen Krabbé
Geoffrey Keen
Art Malik
Maryam d'Abo
Ruddy Rodríguez
Graham Cole
Michael G. Wilson
Kerry Shale
John Terry
Walter Gotell
Robert Brown
Caroline Bliss
Leslie French
Gertan Klauber
Andreas Wisniewski
Robert Miranda
Derek Lyons
John Bowe
Virginia Hey
Waris Dirie
Nadim Sawalha
Julie T. Wallace
Simon Crane
Catherine Rabett
Belle Avery
Thomas Wheatley
Bill Weston
Ken Sharrock
Hanno Pöschl
Peter Porteous
Michael Percival
Carl Rigg
Richard Cubison
Frederick Warder
Del Baker
Tony Cyrus
Derek Hoxby
Alan Talbot
Chris Webb
Paul Weston
Heinz Winter
Marc Boyle
Michel Julienne
Dulice Liecier
Michael Moor
Antony Carrick
Glyn Baker
Nick Wilkinson
Atik Mohamed
Gregor Grubhofer
Sharon Devlin
Cela Savannah
Dianna Casale
Karen Seeberg
Suzy Herman
Odette Benatar
Karen Williams
Femi Gardiner
Alan Harris
Patricia Keefer
Sumar Khan
Mayte Sanchez
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United Kingdom
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Glamorized Spy Film
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Licence to Kill
A View to a Kill

The Living Daylights

The Living Daylights is the fifteenth entry in the James Bond film series and the first to star Timothy Dalton as the fictional MI6 agent James Bond. The film's title is taken from Ian Fleming's short story, "The Living Daylights". It was the last film to use the title of an Ian Fleming story until the 2006 instalment Casino Royale. The beginning of the film resembles the short story, in which Bond acts as a counter-sniper to protect a Soviet defector, Georgi Koskov. ... more on Wikipedia

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