The Manchurian Candidate
Directed by
John Frankenheimer
If you come in five minutes after this picture begins
you won't know what it's all about! When you've seen it all
you'll swear there's never been anything like it!
Produced by
John Frankenheimer
George Axelrod
Screenplay by
John Frankenheimer
George Axelrod
Frank Sinatra
Angela Lansbury
Janet Leigh
Laurence Harvey
Henry Silva
John McGiver
James Gregory
Lloyd Corrigan
Barry Kelley
Khigh Dhiegh
James Edwards
Leslie Parrish
Douglas Henderson
Albert Paulsen
Netflix Rating
PG-13 (USA)
PG-13 (USA)
Netflix Genre
Classic Thrillers
Psychological Thrillers
Political Thrillers
Political Dramas
Classic Dramas
Dramas Based on Classic Literature
Dramas Based on the Book
Netflix Format
DVD and Blu-ray
Crime Fiction
Political thriller
Political drama
War film
Spy film
Psychological thriller
Film noir

The Manchurian Candidate

The Manchurian Candidate is a 1962 American Cold War suspense thriller directed by John Frankenheimer that stars Frank Sinatra, Laurence Harvey and Janet Leigh and co-stars Angela Lansbury, Henry Silva and James Gregory. Its screenplay, by George Axelrod, is based on the 1959 novel by Richard Condon. The premise of the film is the brainwashing of the son of a prominent right-wing political family as an unwitting assailant in an international communist conspiracy. The Manchurian Candidate ... more on Wikipedia

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