The Time Machine
Directed by
Simon Wells
Produced by
Walter Parkes
David Valdes
Screenplay by
John Logan
Jeremy Irons
Guy Pearce
Sienna Guillory
Samantha Mumba
Orlando Jones
Alan Young
Phyllida Law
Mark Addy
Yancey Arias
Omero Mumba
Netflix Rating
PG-13 (USA)
PG-13 (USA)
Netflix Genre
Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy
Dramas Based on the Book
Sci-Fi Adventure
Dramas Based on Classic Literature
Netflix Format
Genres (Film)
Film adaptation
Time travel
Science Fiction
Doomsday film
Adventure Film
Action Film

The Time Machine

The Time Machine is a 2002 American science fiction film loosely adapted from the 1895 novel of the same name by H. G. Wells and the 1960 film screenplay by David Duncan. It was executive-produced by Arnold Leibovit and directed by Simon Wells, the great-grandson of the original author. The film stars Guy Pearce, Jeremy Irons, Orlando Jones, Samantha Mumba, Mark Addy, Sienna Guillory, and Phyllida Law, and includes a cameo by Alan Young, who also appeared in the 1960 film adaptation. The ... more on Wikipedia

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