The Wedding Singer
Directed by
Frank Coraci
Before the internet
Before cell phones
Before roller-blades
There was a time... 1985. Don't pretend you don't remember.
He's gonna party like it's 1985.
He's partying like it's 1965...
he's gonna party like it's 1985!
Produced by
Jack Giarraputo
Robert Simonds
Screenplay by
Tim Herlihy
Drew Barrymore
Adam Sandler
Steve Buscemi
William Michael Albert Broad
Christine Taylor
Jon Lovitz
Kevin Nealon
Brian Posehn
Shanna Moakler
Robert Smigel
Alexis Arquette
Angela Featherstone
Ellen Dow
Frank Sivero
Steven Brill
Peter Dante
Christina Pickles
Allen Covert
Richard Dunn
Carmen Filpi
Tim Herlihy
Dan Lemieux
Maree Cheatham
Matthew Glave
Angela Paton
Michael Shuman
Mark Lonow
Andrew Shaifer
Jenna Byrne
Earl Carroll
Jodi Thelen
Mark Beltzman
Gemini Barnett
Teddy Castellucci
Zachary David Cope
Patrick McTavish
Chauntal Lewis
Priscilla Cory
Joshua Oppenheimer
Jason Cottle
Jon Rosenberg
Jimmy Karz
Todd Hurst
Phyllis Alia
Christopher Alan
Billy Elmer
Sid Newman
Al Hopson
Al Burke
Gabe Veltri
Robert Hackl
Jack Nisbet
Mike Thompson
John Vana
Paul Thiele
Kimberly Schwartz
Sanetta Y. Gipson
John Sawoski
Sally Pierce
Jackie R. Challet
Marnie Schneider
David Sean Robinson
Matthew Kimble
Randy Razz
Michael Jay
Netflix Rating
PG-13 (USA)
PG-13 (USA)
Netflix Genre
Romantic Comedies
Netflix Format
DVD and Blu-ray
Genres (Film)
Romance Film
Historical period drama
Romantic comedy

The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer is a 1998 romantic comedy film written by Tim Herlihy and directed by Frank Coraci. It stars Adam Sandler as a wedding singer in the 1980s and Drew Barrymore as a waitress with whom he falls in love. The film was produced by Robert Simonds for $18 million and grossed $80.2 million in the United States and $123.3 million worldwide. The film was later adapted into a stage musical with the same title, debuting on Broadway in April 2006 and closing on New Year's Eve of that ... more on Wikipedia

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