Welcome to the Punch
Directed by
Eran Creevy
Produced by
Brian Kavanaugh Jones
Ben Pugh
Rory Aitken
Screenplay by
Eran Creevy
James McAvoy
Mark Strong
David Morrissey
Andrea Riseborough
Jason Flemyng
피터 뮬란
Elyes Gabel
Ruth Sheen
Daniel Mays
Daniel Kaluuya
Natasha Little
Johnny Harris
Cathy Murphy
Jason Maza
Jay Simpson
Robert Portal
Lee Nicholas Harris
Dannielle Brent
Steve Oram
David Michaels
George Keywood
Matthew David McCarthy
Johnny Palmiero
Matt Butcher
Jonell Elliott
Chonradee Kulthap
Ray De-Haan
Alastair Cumming
Simon Gregor
Steven Borrie
Andy Joy
Amanda Rawnsley
Kelvin Wise
Mike Parish
Pete Meads
Theresa Pope
Ellie Darcey-Alden
Tracey Greenwood
Andrew Turner
Simon Allix
Seun Shote
Tom Turner
Ginny Dee
Nasir Mohamed
Lauren Garnham
Elise Quevedo
Leo Fenwick
John White
Claire Hearnden
Juley Ross
Joseph Cinko
Netflix Genre
Action & Adventure
Crime Action
Crime Thrillers
United Kingdom
Netflix Format
DVD and Blu-ray
Genres (Film)
Crime Fiction
Adventure Film
Action Film

Welcome to the Punch

Welcome To The Punch is a British action thriller released on 15 March 2013 by Momentum Pictures in the UK and Ireland. Written by Eran Creevy, the script had been placed on the 2010 Brit List, a film-industry-compiled list of the best unproduced screenplays in British film. With seven votes, the film was placed third. The film is directed by Creevy, starring James McAvoy, Mark Strong, and Andrea Riseborough. ... more on Wikipedia

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