Yasue Sato

Yasue Sato is a former Japanese model and formally trained in ballet. She made her acting debut in the movie Bounce Ko Gals, for which she was given a Best New Talent award at the Yokohama Film Festival. She has since appeared in other feature films including I Love Peace, Mimibukuro Ghost Stories and Welcome, Patient. She has also made numerous stage performances, including Mirandolina and Wee Thomas. in 2001, made a guest appearance in the movie Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger: Fire Mountain Howls. She played as Nagi Saijyo in Ultraman Nexus. Her most recent role was a guest appearance in GARO where she played as Jabi The Makai Priest for 3 episodes. She returned to show in the GARO Specia ... more on Wikipedia

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