2 x PVC Laminated Stickers Mickey Mouse Middle Fingers Skull Auto Moto Tuning B 33


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High quality PVC LAMINATED Stickers The stickers are made of high quality PVC film produced in Germany. The stickers can be used in external conditions and indoors. The stickers can be placed on glass, metal, leather, plastic, silicon, cardboard, aluminum, wood, etc. Adhesive surface of the film is a guarantee of high quality and long-term bonding. It requires the surface to be perfectly clear to stick the stickers. If there is grease, please use degreaser. Then very well dry with clean cotton or woolen cloth. Once the stickers are glued you will enjoy them for a very long period of time. Perfect for cars, vans, trucks, boats, laptops, computers, cell phones, purses, badges and many others. Package Includes: 2 Self-adhesive Vinyl Stickers Size: 3,94", Condition: 100% Brand New

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