20 pc Harry Potter Silicon Wristbands / Kids Party Favors (Child, Harry Potter 4)


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Cast a Spell Over Your Party Guests or Halloween celebration. Create the perfect magical atmosphere when you give away our cool wizard wristband favors to your guests at your next birthday party, halloween celebration or other get-together. Our magical party favorites will easily blend with your Harry Potter, Hobbit or other magic-themed birthday decorations. Make your party planning super easy and give your guests something to remember with our fantastical wizard wristbands! Here's what's included with our Wizard Wristbands: 20 HARRY POTTER Wizard silicone Wristbands decorated with iconic HARRY POTTER wizard symbols such as wands, HP glasses, HP scar, wizard hat, owls, etc. Happy Birthday! You and Your Guests Are Going to Have a Great Time! Wave your wand and get ready for the ultimate wizard celebration! What are you waiting for? Our Wizard Wristbands are a great start to your party favors and decorations. Help remove some of the party planning worry from your special one's big day. Your guests are going to love wearing and sharing these charming wristbands. Trust us, you'll be the hero of your celebration when you choose one of our most popular and adorable wizard party favors for your next gathering.

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