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7.5 Inch Edible Cake Toppers – STAR WARS GAME FUN PARTY Themed Birthday Party Collection of Edible Cake Decorations


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INGREDIENTS We have used 100% edible materials in the creation of the best edible cupcake decorations. Please see below the complete list of ingredients; ➤ Wafer Paper: Potato Starch, Vegetable Oil, Water ➤ Edible Inks: Water ➤ Humectant: E422 ➤ Dyes: E102 E122 E124 E133 ➤ Acidic Medium: E330 ➤ Preservative: E202 WHAT'S ON THE SHEET ✔ Every sheet of our cupcake toppers has 30 uncut images printed on it. ✔ Each image has the diameter of 35mm (1.4inch). ✔ Useful shelf life is 12 months if they are kept in original packaging. HOW TO APPLY Our edible cupcake toppers are the perfect choice to add more colors to your celebrations and parties. You can use our cupcake toppers on homemade or shop bought cakes. You can stick this paper on a wet icing, melted chocolate, buttercream and jam. Please see below instructions for application; ✔ You will require a sharp and dry scissor to cut image from the sheet. ✔ Spread the icing all over the cake, where the topper will go very thinly. ✔ Wait for it to be nearly dry. ✔ Place the topper on top and press gently from the center to the corners. SPECIAL NOTE ➤ The factory that produces the raw materials (wafer paper, edible ink) may handle other products that contain traces of common allergens such as gluten, nuts, dairy. ➤ Wafer paper is slightly transparent, once the image is placed onto the white icing the colors will appear more vibrant. ➤ Our cupcake toppers are pre-cutter cupcake decorations, you need to cut these yourself from the wafer sheet. ➤ The circles are clearly outlined to make cutting easier, use sharp and dry scissors to cut. ➤ Keep them away from making, contact with water and heat. ➤ Do not store in the fridge or freezer. MONEYBACK Our Products are refund protected. You can claim 100 % refund on product purchase price if you do not receive the product in its pristine condition.

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