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Adult Harry Potter All-Over Print Scuff Slippers


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The GraduateSo your days at Hogwarts are over. You've earned your O.W.L.s, packed up your trunks, and headed back to the world from which you came. You've got an entry-level job at the Ministry in your future, and you're trying to adjust to days spent off the castle grounds and nights without the games of wizard chess played out in front of the common room fireplace.That sounds like a tough transition! Perhaps these Adult Harry Potter All-Over Print Scuff Slippers can help ease some of that burden. They recall some of your favorite memories of your times at Hogwarts, even if they were, at times, rather harrowing!Fun DetailsIt's just a shame you didn't have these while at school—they're perfect for sneaking around the hallways at night. Alas. They feature a plush upper, slip-on style, hard soles, and velour lining, not to mention an allover print that memorializes Platform 9 3/4, owls, Harry's famed lightning scar, and the sorting hat, all atop a black base.Profess Your LoveDon't fret—if the Ministry gig doesn't turn out to be your cup of tea, you can always try to return to Hogwarts as a professor. We hear there's usually a Defense Against the Dark Arts position available on a yearly basis. Good luck!

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