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Adult Harry Potter Gryffindor Red Slippers


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The Stuff of Legends'Twas the night before the Triwizard Cup, and all through the house common room,nothing was stirring, except a mouse named Peter Pettigrew...OK, that may not be how the traditional rhyme goes, but you Potter fans will surely appreciate it! No matter what kind of magic is afoot at Hogwarts, these Harry Potter Gryffindor Slippers for Adults will keep your toes warm, even all the way up in that chilly tower. Curl up with a good book, practice your charms lessons, or pour over the Marauder's Map with your closest (and most trusted) pals; the last thing you want is to catch a chill and come down with a cold during your time at Hogwarts. You never know what might happen that you'd miss out on!Fun DetailsWe can't guarantee these slippers will keep you in perfect health, but they will certainly help you keep cozy when the temperature starts to plummet. And with the Gryffindor emblem on the top of these fuzzy crimson slides, we doubt anyone would even notice them if you favored them for breakfasts in the Great Hall. Slide them on anytime you need a break from your school shoes. The Gift of GryffindorThese slippers also make great gifts for your fellow housemates—MUCH better than a hand-knit sweater (thanks again, Mrs. Weasely!). We tried to make them in Hagrid's size, but we couldn't get the proportions right. Just take him a nice tin of tea and kick your slippered feet up to chat; he's bound to appreciate your stopping in!

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