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Adult Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey-Inspired Scuff Slippers


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Rey of LightYou have a friend. Let's call him...Steve. Now, a few days ago, you learned that Steve had never seen a single Star Wars film. To say it was a surprise was an understatement. So you struck a deal with him. He agrees to come over on Saturday for an all-day Star Wars movie marathon, and you don't call him out on social media for having lived under a rock all these years. That seems like a fair trade-off to us!So, in honor of Steve's Star Wars initiation, you've decked out the place with all your best gear. You've picked appropriately themed snacks. You've even managed to braid your hair and get it into Leia-esque buns. Now all that's left to do it to slip into these Adult Star Wars The Last Jedi Rey-Inspired Scuff Slippers and kick your feet up for what's bound to be the best Saturday of Steve's life!Fun DetailsThis licensed pair of slip-ons is crafted with a plush upper and anti-slip soles, for ultimate comfort and maneuverability. The lining is soft velour and the Starbird is embroidered on top for all to see your allegiance.Jakk-u Do YouOf course, you can enjoy these slippers long after Steve has gotten hooked on the Star Wars universe. Perfect for self-care Sundays or Friday nights in, catching up on your latest fan blogs!

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