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Alice in Wonderland Grin without Cheshire Cat Upcycled Vintage Book Page Art Print 8x10 Unframed


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✦ The art prints come UNFRAMED. ✦ ✦ UNIQUE ART PRINTS Illustration image is directly printed on an antique encyclopedia book page. The books are from the late 1800s to early 1900s. You will receive the exact illustration shown but on a randomly selected page. This makes each art print one-of-a-kind as no two pages will ever be exactly the same. Our book pages have beautiful golden patina of old age. ✦ SIZE + CONDITION The book page measures approximately 8" x 10.5" with minor sizing variation due to hand salvaging. Colors may vary slightly from what is shown due to individual screen settings and age of pages. Some pages have minor corner fraying and/or age spots. Some pages have small figures, charts, and/or tables. ✦ READY TO FRAME The art prints come UNFRAMED - print only. They are designed to fit standard 8 x 10 frame or 8 x 10 matte opening, and they look beautiful in any style of frame. The framed prints are perfect décor for any space in your home and work place, and they also make very unique one of a kind gifts. ✦ PACKAGING Our art prints are packaged with sturdy backing and they will ship flat to prevent damages and bending during transit. ✦ INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE Our vintage book page art prints make viewers move up close in order to see what's on the background then move away to enjoy the printed image. Unlike vintage dictionary pages, our encyclopedia pages have stories. As viewers get closer, they start to see words and will be able to read some interesting old facts about famous and not so famous people, historic events, places, scientific theories and much more.

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