ApprovedSeller New Vinyl Star Wars Decal Sticker of The Dark Side Light Side Wall Light Switch Darth Vader Yoda Walt Disney Custom Sticker for Kids and Adults Made and Sold


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Don't be fooled by cheap competitors!!! Here at the Approved Seller shop we deal with the best quality materials to create the best quality products. We have been making customers happy by providing them with premium Oracal 651 vinyl rated for 6 year exterior application custom decal stickers. Our packing is premium with zero return rate due to no damage, we provide special crumple proof package. These Graphics can be applied to: Vehicle Windows, Vehicle Body Surfaces, Laptop Cases, iPhone, iPad, Motorcycles, Mopeds, Bicycles, Helmets, Tractors, Trailers, Toolboxes, ATV's, Jet Skis, Surfboards, Snowmobiles, Snowboards, Skateboards, Drums, Guitars, Mirrors, Desktop Computer Towers, Boats, Hard Hats, Walls, mount, Light Switch Smooth Painted Surfaces, Store Windows, Plastic Boxes, Printers, Lockers, Doors, Laminate Surfaces or just about any surface that is smooth and clean. Measurements are in INCHES.

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