Fantastic Floatables

Award Winning 31" MINNIE MOUSE ZERO-G Balloons Hover & Drift in Mid-Air with "NO STRINGS ATTACHED"! FUN for all Ages! Includes Weights for Easy Height Control. The "HIT of your DISNEY PARTY!"


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This big 31" Minnie Mouse Floatable is a REVOLUTIONARY NEW ZERO-GRAVITY HOVERING TOY! These INNOVATIVE HELIUM INFLATABLES are NOT TIED TO A STRING! Floatable Air-Drifters are the most AMAZING balloons you've ever seen, providing a UNIQUE NEW EXPERIENCE and TONS MORE PLAY VALUE per dollar spent! It's a TOY! It's a DECORATION! It's EDUCATIONAL! IT'S FUN! It's the "HIT OF THE PARTY"! Floatables are guaranteed to be 1,000 TIMES MORE FUN than any OLD-FASHIONED BORING balloon TIED to a STRING! Children's faces are filled with EXCITEMENT and WONDER when seeing a ZERO-G Floatable for the first time, and it KEEPS their ATTENTION, ENTERTAINING them for WEEKS as they are LONG-LASTING and REFILLABLE! Adults haven't seen anything like this before and react universally with ASTONISHMENT and DELIGHT! ENJOYING laughing out loud FUN as they Interact with and bounce Floatables between guests as the BEST PARTY ICEBREAKER EVER... NO-ONE can keep their hands off them! Often called "THE PET BALLOON THAT FOLLOWS YOU" due to their uncanny "habit" of SNEAKING UP and FOLLOWING people! You just never know where they will turn up next! Floatables make awesome Nerf Targets and have many documented EDUCATIONAL and THERAPEUTIC properties. Our EXCLUSIVE "No Strings Attached" Height Control Kit allows you to easily set them to hover in MID-AIR! Simply apply the adhesive-backed Neutral Buoyancy WeightPacs to the balloon after inflating with Helium. Then remove the small height control tabs from the balloon until it hovers at the height you want. DURABLE. Floats 2 to 4 weeks. REFILLABLE!! HELIUM NOT INCLUDED. All Fantastic Floatables are SOLD UNINFLATED. Comes complete with balloon, our Patented ZERO-G Neutral Buoyancy Balloon Height Control Kit, and easy Instructions. An assembly instruction video is also available on Fantastic Floatables YouTube Channel. Recommended for INDOOR USE ONLY. We are the ONLY EXCLUSIVE Distributor worldwide!

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