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Batman Groom Cat Woman Bride Personalized Wedding Cake Topper Batman Wedding Cake Topper Batman Cake Topper Cat Woman Wedding Cake Topper


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Do you want to know what we offer you? Our artists make 100% handmade customization of wedding cake topper and polymer clay figurine or mini statue, the miniatures made from your photo: We personalize faces, bodies, clothes, hairstyles, eye color and hair of the figure that you ask us. You can add details, objects, scenarios, inscriptions, etc. Gifts for all types of events: We make figures of weddings, communions, birthdays, anniversaries, professions, sports, hobbies, pets, children, celebrities ... anything is possible! -----Material for life: We manufacture your figures from a highly resistant and versatile polymer clay material , which allows your figures to last for a lifetime. -----Works made by hand: The work is 100% handmade. We start with the raw material and we work it by carving and giving it shape. -----Exclusive: Each work is 100% personalized and original, that is, no two are the same. The orders are for and for you with total exclusivity. -----Processing time: These are detailed elaborations that require a minimum of 5-15 working days for their manufacture. -----Measurements: The figures measure between 15-18 cm high. The measurements of the base depend on the width of the figure. We can make larger figures at the request of the client. -----Ship Worldwide: We ship worldwide. Orders are received 15-50 days according to different country after we inform you of the delivery. -----Disclaimer Policy: we only refund 20-30% after our work start, because for custom handmade items you must pay the labor time and material fees if you are not satisfied with the art work or change you mind if you donot want it. Please think twice before you buy. We will let you see the raw make art work and revise for you 2-3 times for improvement. We sure similarity 70% and not 100%. When art work reached 70% similarity, then we will ship it as our own quality control standard and based on our QC manager own discretion.

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