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Batman Logo Black Men's T-Shirt


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Hero DaysIt’s pretty relatable. Some days, you just want to feel like a superhero. Sure, you may not be foiling criminals or fighting against supervillains on the regular, but even normal Joes want to feel like Batman now and again. So then, what should you do? Should you invest in all sorts of crazy crime-fighting gadgetry? Should you try solving some tough-to-crack cases? Should you build a million dollar Batsuit to wear? Should you learn how to throw a Batarang?Nah! You should just wear this Batman-themed shirt! It gives you the full superhero experience and you don’t have to do any crime fighting.Fun DetailsThis simple Batman t-shirt is great for any day that you need to feel a little more heroic. The black shirt is a classic crew neck and has Batman’s symbol on the front, which almost makes you feel like the DC superhero.The Gift of BatmanThis Batman shirt is not only a great everyday kind of shirt, but it’s also a quick and easy cosplay idea for any fan who values comfort. Just add a mask and voila! Instant Batman outfit. It also makes for a great gift for the Batman fan that has it all

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