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Batman Signal Set of 8 Crayons Party Favors - All different MIXED colors


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These creative crayons are just the thing to make art even MORE fun! These fun-shaped crayons really color! Included are 8 Batman, measuring approximately 1 1/4 inches tall x 2 1/8 inches wide x 3/8 inch thick. They make a fantastic addition to your art set! They also make a great gift and are perfect for party favors. This listing includes crayons of all mixed colors. If you would like specific colors, please check out my other listings or contact me directly. Each crayon has multiple colored crayons in it. Each crayon has a single color crayon in it. Items will come each in its own baggie so they don't rub against each other in packaging. Items will be shipped in a box so they don't break in travel. The story: My kids really wanted to make something to sell online because their mama is so crafty! "The Creative Crayon" was soon created! I came up with this idea and they totally ran with it! My son is 7 and my daughter 11. They get to keep 100% of their earnings to buy what they like. These items are made by kids for kids! They make them all the way from start to finish, from peeling the crayon wrappers off to packaging them up for sale. Mom helps with the adult stuff (like the oven), but even the shapes and figures are chosen by my kids.

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