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Beauty And The Beast Gaston Dreams Come True T-Shirt


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He's every maiden's dream, and now, you can have the legendary Gaston on a t-shirt that depicts his finest moment. Well, okay, maybe not his finest moment, because if we're remembering correctly, after he tells Belle that "This is the day your dreams come true!" and proposes to her, she literally throws him out of the house. Oh, well. Still, there's something you have to kind of admire about his whole approach. It's super-confident, and his devotion to the belief that he's the best is truly inspiring. If only we could all be so self-assured. But maybe a little of that ego... uh, we mean, Gaston magic, will rub off when you wear this Gaston Dreams Come True T-Shirt!Officially licensed by Disney, this handsome (just like Gaston himself) garment is a comical tribute to one of the most memorable characters from the classic, animated version of Beauty and the Beast. You know how the song goes: no one's as slick or as quick as Gaston. That's true, but you'll sure give him a run for his money when you pull on this awesome shirt!

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