Beauty and the beast rose, Medium Size, Live Forever Rose, Enchanted Rose, Rose in glass dome, Forever rose, Rose in Glass, preserved rose, preserved flower, Black Rose


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A new variety of eternal roses that will delight you from months up to 5 years, like in "Beauty and the Beast" cartoon. It's a special sort of flowers brought into a steady condition, in which it doesn't require watering or treatment. Used only high quality 100% natural roses. Its generous premium rose head make this flower the star from any others and make it the perfect flower for occupying any space. It's available in a wide variety of colors. They are an elegant prototype of a flower from the cartoon "Beauty and the Beast" loved by everyone. Ideal not only for gifts to loved ones, friend or a teacher, but also as an interior decoration! With the right care, you can enjoy your rose for years. To keep your flower in optimum conditions, please follow this advice: - Avoid exposure to humidity above 80% - Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight - Only for indoor use - No watering or placing the product in water Rose in glass dome (Large) : Height - 29 cm - 11,41 inch Width - 19 cm - 7,4 inch Make happy your loved ones with our handmade engraving on a wooden base for only 10$.

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