BLACK PANTHER CAT Leopard Jaguar 5,1" (130mm) Vinyl Bumper Stickers, Decals x2 - CHOICE OF 22 COLOURS


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Fantastic, very popular vinyl stickers ideal for cars, windows, trucks, bikes, helmets, school books, mirrors, PC, kids bedroom, RC models, boats, caravans, fridges, stickers collection, etc (any clean, smooth surface). ******* The coloured area you see in the picture is the actual sticker. The white background is not part of the sticker. ******* If you require an alternative colour or mirror image, please email us your request immediately after purchase. ******* Available colours: Burgundy, Orange, Red, Dark Yellow, Light Yellow, Lime Green, Medium Green, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Turquoise, Purple, Deep Pink, Pink, Brown, Beige, Black, White, Gold Metallic, Silver Metallic, Grey Metallic, Etched Glass.

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