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Black Panther Finger Nail Cosplay Tip Rings


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THE NEWEST IN WAKANDAN TECHWith Shuri making all sorts of amazingly successful technology out of vibranium with a genius level that exceeds even Stark, it's no question that we'll see some amazing success stories.  But, we've got to wonder about the stuff that just hasn't quite worked out. What sort of epic failures came out of there?  Vibranium scratching posts?  Automatically resizing boxes for all the Panther's if-I-fits-I-sits needs?  Declawing rings?  Well, maybe that's more the act of a sister than an inventor.  FUN DETAILSFortunately, some of the really cool designs that don't require vibranium are sent our way.  Our designers had a field day with these officially licensed Black Panther Cosplay Fingernail Tip Rings.  This set of 20 rings are adjustable for size and fit over your first knuckle to give you some serious panther claws that range from 1.25 to 2 inches long.  These are a perfect way to feel like the Black Panther without having to drink any strange flower sap! THOSE PANTHER CLAWSTurns out that when Shuri invented the Declawer as a joke for her Wakandan Prince, the Black Panther was actually pretty pleased with them.  Now he can wield his claws when he wants to instead of all the time.  And that means you, too, can have the claws of the Black Panther with these Cosplay Fingernail Rings!

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