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Black Panther Logo Marvel Duo Decal


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Villains BewareWe’ll just say it. Warding off supervillains isn’t as easy of a task as you might think. Sure, superheroes in the movie make it look so darn easy, but unless you have a super cool suit or some hand dandy superpowers it’s hard to keep evil dudes like Ulysses Klaue away from your crib. That’s why we propose a new method of keeping those villains from setting up shop in your neighborhood. DecalsJust hear us out now. Decals might not grant you any sort of superpowers and you really can’t make a super suit out of them, but you can use them to instill fear into the hearts of villain in your neighborhood!Fun DetailsThis Black Panther decal set comes with two decals and you can stick them on your car window, you’re dorm room window, or your laptop. If Klaue tries wandering around your neighborhood, he’ll see the decal and realize that your home or car is under the express protection of the Black Panther. Then, he’ll think twice about doing anything shifty around your neighborhood.Black Panther SwagSo, if you have supervillain problems, or you just want to spruce up your car with some Black Panther swag, then this decal set is perfect for you.

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