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Black Panther Marvel Lanyard


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The Keys to WakandaWhat do locks look like in Wakanda? It's pretty safe to assume that you've already seen Marvel's Black Panther by now, so we can talk about the crazy alternate technology that the people of Wakanda are using. It turns out that having a huge supply of vibranium makes for a pretty great way to get ahead in the tech game! But do they have some kind of space-age locks? Do they have some matching high tech keys to match them? It might not be something you've thought about before, but we bet you're dying to know more about it now!Well, whatever kind of locks they have, we bet the good people of Wakanda would love to use this Marvel Black Panther lanyard to carry their keys and cards.Fun DetailsThis handy lanyard is based on the alter ego of King T'Challa from the comic books. It comes with a black ribbon that has the Black Panther symbol printed on it, along with a matching emblem attached to the key ring. A clear card sleeve is also included, so you can use this lanyard to carry your ID badge for work and special events.Upgrade Your LanyardWhether you plan on heading to an event and you need an awesome superhero lanyard, or you just want to upgrade your plain, boring lanyard for work, this Black Panther lanyard is a clear upgrade!

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