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Board Game Pegs n Jokers $55.00 1941-4, 2 to 4 players by CGA


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This Board Game PEGS and JOKERS is HAND MADE/CRAFTED, The Peg Board Game is for 4 Players, each player has their own peg board which connects to all other players. Each Players Board has a START and a HOME, The 1st Player to get There 5 colored Pegs to there Board Home wins the game. The game can be played with partners or Individual. Players moves are determined by the card they draw, 2 decks of cards. Each player is dealt 5 cards the rest are placed in the center, and each player draws one card from the pile at players turn. Game includes 4 Peg Boards, 4 sets of different colored pegs, 5 of each color, 2 decks of cards, 1 Container for all the Peg tips and Game Rules. Very EASY to LEARN and FUN to PLAY with Families, Friends, and Children 8 Through Adult. The 3 - 4 Player game 1941-4 or 1941A-4 easy to learn and fun to play, handmade game includes 4 Paddles, one for each player, 2 decks of cards, 20 wood pegs with painted tips, peg container, instructions

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