Bootaa Tyrannosaurus Rex, Large Dinosaur Toys, T Rex, Lifelike Jurassic World Dino, Birthday Party Game Supplies, Action Figure Playset, Gifts for 3 4 5 6 Years Old Boys Kids Toddlers Girls,Pack of 4


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TYRANNOSAURUS REX FACTS : Name Meaning: "Tyrant Lizard" Habitat:Western North America Length:12m Weight:9000kg Stance:Biped Diet:Flesh and bone Age:Late Cretaceous,68-66 million years ago Among the largest carnivoresto have ever stalked the planet,Tyrannosaurus was one fearsome dinosaur.Tyrannosaurus fossils have shown toothmarks that could have only been made by their own kind,though we've never seen a T.rex family feud at Jurassic World! OVERVIEW: Childhood is a time of dreams and adventures, these dinosaurs helping younger and older children creat their own Jurassic World with their own imagination,which will help them develop and discover the world around them. 1,No matter you buy them for toddlers or little grown up kids,boys or girls,it Allows for hours of imaginative play 2,Great details - body proportion, skin texture, jaw, eyes or tail - everything is realistically detailed 3,Moveable jaw makes it more realistic and dynamic - allows for more room for creativity 4,Great way to get feel of ancient world and an extinct species Well-balanced and stable design represents nature's unique creation that helped balance the weight through strong thighs and long tail. FEATURE OF DINOSAUR WE SELL: 1,Material:Made of high quality solid plastic,non-toxic, odorless and non-allergic,Safe for kids. 2,Size for T-Rex Dinosaur: 6.3*5.9*5.5 inches Size for Carcharodontosaurus : 5.5*3.1*2 inches Size for Therizinosaurus: 6.7*3.5*2 inches Size for Palm Tree: 6.3*1.6*1.6 inches 3,Package Include: 1*6.3" Tyrannosaurus Rex Sitting Dinosaur 1*5.5" Carcharodontosaurus 1*6.7" Therizinosaurus 1*6.3" Palm Tree

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