Cars Disney Pixar 3 Movie Deluxe Party Favors Goody Bag Fillers Set of 14 w/12 Plastic, a ToyRing, Sticker Featuring Next-Gen Racers, Dr. Damage and Many New Characters!


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This deluxe set of 14 "Need for Speed" party favors from the hit Disney Cars 3 Movie include 12 nicely detailed all plastic cars, one colorful quality 2 by 2 inch sticker and a special collectible Cars toy ring! These are great for any Disney fan and will be played with long after the party is over! These nicely detailed all plastic cars are about 2 inches long and have no moving parts including wheels. They are great to display, collect and trade. Please note these are bulk items that are shipped in plastic as pictured with no box. The Disney Cars Movies feature talking human like cars and star the race car Lightning McQueen. In Cars 3, Lightning McQueen keeps losing races to the new high tech racers like Jackson Storm. After a bad crash, many think it is time for him to retire but with the help of race technician Cruz Ramirez and others, he makes his comeback at the Florida 500 race! This nicely detailed set of figures helps you to recreate these great movies. This set includes original characters Lightning McQueen and his trusty transportation Mack the Mack Truck and lots of all new characters including Next-Generation racers Jackson Storm and Danny Swervez, top-notch technician Cruz Ramierez, Louise Nash, Brick Tardley, Sterling the business car, Miss Fritter, Dr. Damage, ARVY and more! These nicely detailed figures are made of hard plastic for hours of fun play time. Also included is one special 2 by 2 inch nicely detailed Cars Movie sticker. You also get a special Disney Cars collectible ring! This hard plastic ring is open ended so it fits most sizes. The sticker and ring are randomly inserted so you may or may not get the ones pictured. These Cars Movie party favors will help make any party a success! Please note these are for children and adults 4 and older! Do not miss out on this fun collectible Disney Cars 3 Movie Party Favor Set of 14 with figures, a sticker sheet and collectible ring!

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