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Clue Club: The Complete Animated Series (MOD)


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What do you get when you combine a quartet of teen investigators with a pair of canine crime-busters? You get the crime-solving team that makes the scene - Clue Club! Operating out of leader Larry's (voice of David Jolliffe) pad, Pepper (Patricia Stich) and D.D. (Bob Hastings) search for clues ( and get chased by bizarre villains) and bring them back to Clue Club headquarters so that resident data savant Dottie (Tara Talboy) can use her tech wizardry to come up with the solution. And always hot on the trail of mystery are Clue Club's dog detectives - the brash bloodhound Woofer (Paul Winchell) and the sensible basset Wimper (Jim MacGeorge). So get set for a ride into mystery and adventure - Sheriff Bagley's on the line with an impossible crime!

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