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DC Batman Kids Caped Slippers


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SUPER SLIPPERSBatman rids Gotham City of evil. After a long day of fighting crime, little man will want to kick up his feet and relax. Make bedtime with Batman more fun. Prevent your child's feet from getting frozen with these Batman slippers. Alfred even brings Bruce his DC Batman Kids Caped slippers after a warm bath and a cup of cocoa. You don't have to wear them just at bedtime, but there is nothing better than your little superheroes feet staying warm and cozy after fighting evil all day! FUN DETAILSThese officially licensed Batman caped slippers will take safely deliver your little fighting machine from rooftop to rooftop in his or her dreams. The attached bat capes will provide safe flying. Anti-skid material on the soles will make QUICK stops easy when taking on the Jokers tricks. With a muscular look and a Batman logo on the front, nothing can stop your little Batman!DARK NIGHTS WITH THE DARK KNIGHTWinter is coming and darkness lasts longer. Fight crime and fly through the night with the Dark Knight on your feet. As colder days are inevitable, be smart like Bruce Wayne and buy these DC Batman Caped Child Slippers for your own little hero! These slippers are truly SUPER!

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