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DC Comics Teen Titans Go! Robin Sunglasses


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Leading By ExampleLeading the Teen Titans isn’t exactly an easy task. Cyborg is more interested in eating pizza and playing video games than he is in fighting crime. Raven spends most of her time locked in her room brooding. Starfire is always busy cooking up Tamaranian foods that are anything but edible. And Beast Boy? Well, he’s a bit of an animal. Now, try rounding up all those crazy characters together to fight super-villains! How does Robin do it? That’s easy! His solution is to be just as crazy as the other Teen Titans!He’s a little neurotic and he has a bit of an inferiority complex, but that’s why we love Robin, the leader in Teen Titans Go! Now, you can jump into the crazy mess that is the Teen Titans with this pair of Robin sunglasses.Fun DetailsThese Teen Titans Go! Robin sunglasses are designed to make you look like the wacky leader of the superhero crew. The lenses are molded to look like black and white mask that he wears all the time. Just slip them on like a normal pair of glasses and let the wackiness ensue!Cosplay TimeThese glasses make for a quick and easy way to cosplay as your favorite Teen Titan, or just as a means to shade your eyes from the sun!

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