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DC Wonder Woman Navy Red Gold Jr's Cuffed Knit Hat


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Truth, Justice, and cozinessWonder Woman might have come from a paradise-like island in the Mediterranean but she seems to have adjusted to the gloomy autumn weather in Europe rather quickly. Sure, the gray color of London might have shocked her, but she didn't even complain when she and the crew were camping behind the lines in France. Her tough demeanor comes from her Goddess and Amazonian blood, sure. But we like to think she actually liked the fall. After all, there's something about cool weather that wakes you up and gears you up for the winter ahead. Plus, when you're living on an island like Themiscura there are no opportunities to layer up in adorable outerwear! When she settled in France we're sure Wonder Woman came to love the charms of outerwear as the first flakes of winter fall over the city. We're even more sure that she'd want everyone else to be prepared for the cold with a cozy hat like this one!Fun DetailsThis licensed knit cap will look adorable solo or paired with the rest of our Wonder Woman outerwear. The base is a navy blue with a white star pattern. The cuff is a maroon that matches the adorable pompom at the top and is accented with the gold Wonder Woman logo. Winds of ChangeWonder Woman is all about changing the world for the better. There's no way a snowstorm could make her stay at home. Why should you stay at home in the cold weather when you could be out and about, exploring what the world has to offer? So layer up and get out there. You know what they say, "there's no bad weather, only bad clothes"!

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