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DC Wonder Woman Wide Lanyard


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Superhero KeysKeys are almost like superheroes. Let us explain. They ley you into locked doors and they let you start your car with just a simple twist. They also let you lock doors to keep all of the riff-raff out of them. Isn't it about time that you put all of your keys on a lanyard that makes them look like the hero that you know them to be?Fun DetailsThis DC Wonder Woman lanyard is an easy way to keep your keys together on a heroic lanyard. This officially licensed DC swag has a blue ribbon with plenty of Wonder Woman symbols on it, along with white and red stars on it. The key loop on the bottom is made of metal and can hold all of your keys on it. It also comes with a Wonder Woman emblem attached to the bottom.Not Just for Keys!This lanyard isn't just for keys. It comes with a clear, plastic card sleeve which can fit your ID badge inside. That means that you can use this for work, or during special events. You can finally get rid of your plain, boring lanyard and replace it with this Wonder Woman themed one!

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