DECAL-STYLE - 15.5cmx16cm Harley Quinn Suicide Fashion Car Sticker Motorcycle Decal Black/Silver S3-5671


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Paste Tools: Cloth, Scraper or Credit Card. Paste Step: 1.Will the car body clean, and keep the car body dry. 2.Please make sure to paste position and slowly paste, paste at the same time, please use tools to sticker scraping flat, Until the film have been torn down. 3.Then paste after repeated scraping and pressing, then slowly tear the transparent film. 4.Press the tear film after the sticker, Until flat,Don't let the car stickers and have any physical separation or protrusions. 5.In the case of conditions, can moderate heating, to ensure that the sticker can be better and more firmly stuck in the car body. Note: Please wash your car in 2-3 days, thank you!

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