Beauty & The Beast

Disney Beauty and the Beast Movie Deluxe Party Favors Goody Bag Fillers Set of 14 with Figures, a Tattoo Sheet, ToyRing Featuring The Beast, Belle, Lumiere, Gaston and More!


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This listing is for a deluxe set of fun party favors from the hit Disney Beauty and the Beast Movie! These "Magical" party favors include 12 nicely detailed mini figures, a neat 3.5 by 2.5 inch temporary tattoo sheet and a special toy ring. These are great for any Disney fan and will be played with long after the party is over! These fun figures are about to 1 to 3 inches tall and are self standing but some may need to be hand held. Please note these are bulk items that are shipped in plastic as pictured with no box. Beauty and the Beast is the classic story of how a young girl's love finally breaks the curse of a tragic Prince and they find true love.This fun set of figures helps you to recreate this great movie. This kit includes all the popular characters including young Belle, the Beast Prince, Lumiere the Candlestick, Cogsworth the Clock, Sultan the Footstool, Mrs. Potts the Tea Pot, Chip the Tea Cup, Bells father Maurice, Gaston, his side kick Lefou and more! These nicely detailed figures are made of hard plastic for hours of fun play time. Also included is a special 3.5 by 2.5 inch easy to use Disney Princess temporary tattoo sheet featuring one of the classic Disney Princesses. You also get a special collectible Disney Princess toy jewel ring! This hard plastic ring is open ended so it fits most sizes. The tattoo and ring feature a classic Disney Princess like Cinderella, the Little Mermaid etc and are randomly inserted so you may or may not get the ones pictured. These Beauty and the Beast party favors will help make any party a success! Please note these are for children and adults 4 and older! Do not miss out on this fun collectible Disney Beauty and the Beast Party Favor Set of 14 with figures, a sticker sheet and collectible ring!

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