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Disney MagicBand Decal Sticker Skins Blue Monorail For Magic Band 2.0


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PLEASE MAKE SURE TO READ ALL DETAILS: Whats included: Pattern shown, full band length decal with Head decal for the middle (AKA puck) of the Magic Band puck Fit both the adult & child size Magic Band 2.0 Vinyl is easy to manipulate & will form to your Disney Magic Band perfectly. Waterproof & designed to withstand the sun, rain, water parks. DO NOT spray your band decals with sunscreen or bug spray as these chemicals could damage the print. DISNEY MAGIC BAND NOT INCLUDED DOES NOT AFFECT SCANNERS AT PARKS, HOTELS, RESTAURANTS, ETC. Instructions on how to apply and care for your vinyl decals will be included with your shipment **I do not claim ownership of any of the images used for my products. I only charge for my time and the materials used. Any copyrighted/trademarked images used in the designs are free and are not being sold.** FIT - Our MagicBand decals fit both the adult & child size bands as they only cover the colored portion of the band. They fit perfectly with the outer colored portion on or off the band. (No need to specify if you need the decal to fit for an adult or child band, the decal is the same size either way). FLEXIBLE VINYL - We use a style of vinyl that is easy to manipulate & will form to your MagicBand perfectly. The vinyl we used is rated 10-year outdoor vinyl, meaning it is designed to last for up to 10 years, even outdoors. WATERPROOF - Our custom printed vinyl decals are designed to withstand the sun, rain, water parks & all elements while you enjoy your magical vacation. CUSTOM DESIGNS - We do accept custom designs and allow customers to create their own design. Please contact me for details

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