Disney Princess

Disney Princess Heart Strong Stamp N' Sketch Play Table Magnetic Play Table


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The kids only! Disney Princess heart strong stamp N' sketch table is the writing/drawing playing table your kids will love! the top drawing pad is perfect for kids to play games like tic Tac toe or hangman, practicing letters and numbers or just for drawing and letting their imaginations go wild. The eye-catching pictures your children will create will make you want to have a turn. Kids will have hours of fun unleashing their creativity with the included three fun-design stamps. The easy-to-use magnet-tip pen that comes with the table is just the right size for kid-sized hands. Then, when they’ve filled up the pad and it’s time for them to start their picture over, all they have to do is use the easy-slide knob eraser and they can pick up right where they left off. Designed for ages 3+

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