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Edible Design Images, we offer quality custom cakes Image designs. Add a personal touch to your cake today. These images are completely customizable. Image Sizes offered: 1.25" (35 to a sheet) 1.5" (30 to a sheet) 1.875" (20 to a sheet) 2" (12 to a sheet) 3" (6 to a sheet) 2"x 3.5" (10 to a sheet) 2.5" x 10" (3 strips to a sheet) 8" Rnd 7.5"x 10" 8"x 10.5" Any edible Icing Sheets you receive will come professionally done. You will receive an edible frosting image that can be personalized. Edible Images are printed on a frosting sheet, not photo paper nor rice paper and with edible ink (food coloring). Everything is FDA approved. Please keep in mind the color may not appear exact as the picture since we are using frosting sheets and edible ink. Image will fit on a ¼ sheet cake or a 8" round cake. These sheets are easy to use. Instructions will be included in shipment. Please email me with your personalized name or wording within 24 hours. Also, include if you would like this image on a round cake or a square cake. If no name is received, image will be shipped out plain. We can make any custom edible cake topper. Have a particular picture, photo, logo you would like to see on a cake? Categories we offer for kids and Adults Birthdays are Transformers, Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Ninjago, Marvel Superheroes, Pocoyo, Care Bears, Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, Handy Manny, Captain America, Bubble Guppies, Yo Gabba Gabba, Wreck it Ralph,Sponge bob, Angry Birds, Iron man, Hulk, The Lord of the rings, Winnie the Pooh, Callou, Super Mario Brothers, Indiana Jones Edible Cake Topper, Diego go Diego, Disney, Sophia the First, Dora the Explorer, Barbie, Strawberry shortcake, Disney Princess Cinderella, Taylor Swift Edible, Baby Minnie Mouse, One Direction Group, Justin Bieber, Duck Dynasty edible Image Cake Topper, Cinderella, Disney Tangled, Disney snow White, Teenage Mutant ninja,The Wonder Pets, landscape, or Portrait. Edibledesignimages.com

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