Disney Theme Park Edition III Monopoly Game


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Disney Theme Park Edition III Monopoly Game lets you relive the excitement of all your favorite attractions at Disney Theme Parks - from The Haunted Mansion attraction to the Disney Monorail - with this very special edition of the classic Monopoly board game. Magic Mirror and Sorcerers Hat cards might make your dreams come true, or they might bring an unexpected trip to jail. Use your Wishes wisely to collect the deeds to Disney Theme Park attractions; increase their value by adding Mickey's Toontown houses and Disney castles on your way to victory. Contents include 1 gameboard with pop-up castle, 8 collectible Disney game pieces, 28 attraction deed cards, 32 Mickey's Toontown houses, 12 Disney castles, 32 game cards, 7 denominations of Wishes Disney-themed play money, and game dice. For 2 to 8 players. Instructions in English and Spanish. Collectible tin - cardboard/paper/plastic/metal. 19 1/2 W x 19 1/2 D. Ages 8 and up.

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