Disney Whisker Haven Tales With the Palace Pets Deluxe Mini Cake Toppers Cupcake Decorations Set of 14 with Figures, a Sticker Sheet and Toy Ring With Dreamy, Petite, Sultan and More!


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This listing is for 14 "Purrfically" fun Disney Whisker Haven Tales with the Palce Pets cake toppers party decorations! This kit of 14 includes 12 nicely detailed figures, a 3.5 by 2.5 inch Disney Princess tattoo sheet and a neat Disney Princess gem toy ring. These will help make your cake a big hit with any Disney fan! These fun mini figures are about 1.5 inches tall. Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets is a series starring six of the Disney Princess Palace Pets that enter magical portals and travel to the animal kingdom of Whisker Haven. In this new magical world, the palace pets go on fun-filled adventures and learn to value friendship, kindness and loyalty." This fun set of figures helps you to recreate this great movie. The kit includes all the popular characters including Cinderellas pet white beagle Pumpkin, Ariels pet red cat Treasure, Jasmines pet tiger cub Sultan, Belles pet pony Petite, Auroras pet pink cat Dreamy, Snow Whites pet rabbit Berry, Ms. Featherborn the caretaker fairy humming bird, Fern the Owl and many more! These nicely detailed figures are made out of hard plastic for many hours of fun play time. Also included is a special 3.5 by 2.5 inch easy to use Disney Princess temporary tattoo sheet. You also get a special collectible Princess toy jewel ring! This hard plastic ring is open ended so it fits most sizes. The tattoo and ring feature classic Disney Princesses like Belle, Snow White or Cinderella and are randomly inserted so you may or may not get the ones pictured. This set of Whisker Haven decorations not only look great on cakes but the kids will have a fun time playing with, collecting and trading these fun figures long after the party is over! Please note these are for adults and children 4 and older! Do not miss out on these great collectible Disney Whisker Haven Tales with the Palace Pets cake toppers/cupcake decorations with Tattoo Sheet and Gem Ring!

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