Disney Zootopia Deluxe Party Favors Goody Bag Fillers Set of 14 Figures and Tattoos with the Lion Guard Figures, Simba, Simon, Pumba and More!


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This listing is for a deluxe set of fun party favors from the hit Disney Movie Zootopia! These fun "animaliffic" party favors include 12 nicely detailed mini figures that will be played with long after the party is over and 2 easy to use temporary tattoos featuring neat Zootopia artwork! These fun figures are about to 1 to 2 inches tall and most are self standing but some need to be hand held like Officer Hopp. Please note these are bulk items that are shipped in plastic as pictured with no box. Zootopia takes place in a land where all animals can live together. Police Officer Judy Hopp, the first bunny on the police force, wants to prove herself so she goes on a mission looking for a missing otter. Along the way, she teams up with a fast talking fox, Nick Wilde. This figure set has all of the popular characters from this hit movie including bunny officer Judy Hopps, Stu and Bonnie Hopps who are Judy Hopps proud parents, scam artist fox Nick Wilde, small time crook Duke Weaselton, noble Mayor Lionheart, meek sheep Assistant Mayor Bellwether, the slow moving Flash the Sloth, Mrs. Otterton, a tough looking Polar Bear body guard, the teeny-tiny Finnick who is a master of disguise and even the tough Cape Buffalo Police Chief Bogo! These nicely detailed figures are made of hard plastic for hours of fun play time. Also included are 2 easy to use Zootopia temporary tattoos with neat Zootopia artwork. Each tattoo is 2 by 1.5 inches and comes with instructions. Please note the tattoos are randomly inserted so you may or may not get the ones pictured. These Zootopia party favors will be played with long after the party is over and they help make any party a success! Please note these are for children and adults 4 and older! Do not miss out on this fun collectible Disney Zootopia Party Favor Set of Figures and Tattoos!

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