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Disney's Pocahontas Right Path Heather Gray Scoop Neck Women's T-Shirt


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WISE WILLOWIn Disney's Pocahontas, Grandmother Willow advises the princess to always "listen with your heart, and then you will understand." The maternal spirit guide gave Pocahontas many inspirational words of wisdom. She was an old weeping willow tree who always had a listening ear, or um- branch, for Pocahontas to climb on.  Using her vine dipped into the water, she explains to John Smith and Pocahontas that although the ripples are small at first, they grow and grow. Change starts small, but it must start somewhere. Every princess needs some inspiration, and now you can be reminded with this Disney's Pocahontas Right Path Heather Gray Scoop Neck T-Shirt.FUN DETAILSGrandmother Willow advises the two lovebirds that " Sometimes the right path, is not the easiest." Your new women's Disney's Pocahontas shirt has a colorful Pocahontas graphic printed on the front as well as these words circling her. Red, orange, and pink leaves circle Pocahontas. Wear this cotton and polyester t-shirt as you run the hidden pine trails of the forest. We may not have a spirit guide, but this Disney's Pocahontas Scoop Neck T-Shirt comes pretty close.AROUND THE RIVERBENDWe can't predict who or what is waiting around the riverbend in your life, but we can predict you will love your Pocahontas Right Path t-shirt.

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