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Game of Thrones Stark Direwolf 15 oz Stemless Wine Glass


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Loyal CompanionsDo you have a friend who would come to your rescue anytime you needed it? Does your pal portray ultimate loyalty? Would they attack anyone who tried to cause you harm? Oh, also, does this friend happen to love Game of Thrones?Sounds like this Game of Thrones Stark Direwolf Stemless Wine Glass would be a perfect gift for your best bud. It's an elegant and elite collector's item that is totally functional, too. In fact, get two—one for each of you—and together you can toast your good fortune at having formed such a strong bond, especially given how few people you can really trust out there in Westeros. Fun DetailsThis licensed glass features a sleek, stemless design and a 15 oz. capacity—that's a lot of Arbor Gold you can fit in there! On the sides are Stark House sigils, including a gray Direwolf. The rim also boasts a trim pattern that includes smaller Direwolves in black. Strong AllegianceSo, go ahead and have a Game of Thrones marathon—with a couple of bottles to keep things festive. It's extremely lucky to find a best friend you can share your loyalties with, but it's even better to have one you can also share your Dornish Red with...especially in this great glass!

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