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Gold Diggers of 1937 (1936) (MOD)


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What's a chorine to do after her show flops? Become a gold digger! The cuties do so en masse as the Gold Diggers of 1937, kicking Depression Era blues in the keister. Dick Powell plays an insurance agent with musical ambitions, Joan Blondell is a showgirl who gives up spangles for a stenographer's pad and...well, who watches any Diggers for its plot? Instead, watch as dance creator Busby Berkeley turns a garden party into a tap-happy romp. As Blondell leads leggy soldiers in a banner-waving, precision-formation "All's Fair in Love and War" spectacle that's Berkeley at his showy best. As Powell croons a Gold Diggers lullaby "With Plenty of Money and You." In short, plenty of reasons to watch. Again and again.

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