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Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon Sunglasses


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We can’t blame you for wanting to be as cool as Rocket Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy. After all, he’s only the best member of the freakin’ team. He has the most gadgets, he has the most guns, his best friend is the super cool, super powerful Groot and did we mention he knows how to make a doomsday device that could blow up half of the galaxy? Well, we’re here to let you know that there’s a super easy way for you to transform into Rocket!These Guardians of the Galaxy Rocket Raccoon will let help you shelter your eyes from the sun AND let you look like the totally awesome Marvel superhero. The glasses have some lightly tinted shades, but the real kicker of this item is that the front has the molded face of Rocket attached to it. All you have to do is slip these bad boys on and you’re ready to battle against Thanos.

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