HANDMADE Disney Inspired Pirate Matey Magnets for Disney Cruise


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Mouse head pirate matey magnets. THIS IS NOT A SET. Each magnet is approx. 5.5 x 4.5 inches DUE TO THE HANDMADE NATURE OF THESE PRODUCTS SLIGHT VARIATIONS MAY OCCUR WITH COLOR AND SHAPE. MOST OF THE SAMPLE PICTURES ARE DIGITAL RENDERINGS AND MAY APPEAR DIFFERENT ON YOUR COMPUTER OR MOBILE APP THAN FROM THE FINAL PRINTED AND ASSEMBLED PRODUCT. MAGNETS ARE ALL HAND CUT WITH CARE AND PRECISION. ALL Plumeria Prints' magnets are FULL BACK MAGNET and CUT TO SHAPE with the exception of 8 x 10's which are rectangular. They are made for keepsakes. They ARE NOT just laminated pieces of paper with small magnets on back. They are assembled on approx. 20mil magnet and are LIGHT AND FLEXIBLE which make them perfect for adhering to the cruise ship door. If they are too thick and heavy they will be prone to fall off when door shuts or slams. Please pay close attention to the SIZE you are buying as most of the magnets are standard size which is the most common and will be best when decoration your door with many magnets. I do offer MINI and LARGE for some designs.

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